About Moscow Youth Chamber Orchestra

The Moscow Youth Chamber Orchestra was initiated in the year of 2003 at the State Musical-Pedagogical institute named by Ippolitov-Ivanov by well-known musicians and grantees of the Russian performing Art Fund. The Orchestra was headed by Honored artist of Russian Federation, President of Russian Performing Art Fund, professor Valery Vorona. Its original cast included the students of many leading educational institutions of Moscow, many musicians are the winners of the scholarships of Russian Performing Art Fund, the winners of the international musical competitions.

The Orchestras debut took place in December 2003 at the closing-up concert of the Russian Constellation of the Youth festival held by the Vladimir Spivakovs International Benefit Foundation at the Rossia State Concert Hall. Owing to the combination of high level of performing art, interesting repertoire policy, young enthusiasm and spirits, the group gained the popularity very fast in great masses of musical audience.

The orchestra took part in many prestigious international festivals, important cultural actions. Among the last concert trips are- participations in the international festivals-Nancyphonies (France), Days of Oystrakh in Moscow, Yurmala-Classic? Blooming Ledum (Cheeta), Krasnodars Kamerata, Radio Orphean presents and others.

The performances of the orchestra take places on the best concert stages of Moscow- Great and Small halls of Moscow conservatory, Concert Hall named by Tchaikovskiy, Hall of the Church Meetings of Christ the Savior Cathedral, Big and Chamber halls of Moscow International House of Music, State Concert Hall Rossia, and also in the other cities of Russia and abroad. Moscow Yoiuth Chamber orchestra is the participant of the season concerts of Moscow state academic philharmonic society and Moscow International House of Music. Activities of the orchestra nowadays are widely covered in Mass-media, invariably attract the attention of famous conductors and outstanding soloists ,with many of them orchestra has developed very productive and creative relationships. The concerts with Vladimir Ponkin (Russia), Dora Schvarzberg (Austria), Georgiy Garanyan (Russia), David Goloschokin (Russia),Valery Afanasyev (France), Hugues Leclere (France), Denis Shapovalov (Russia), Vladimir Chernov, David Goloschokin, Brenis McKenzie (USA), Yuliy Milkis (Kanada), Nina Kogan (Russia), Sergei Dresnin (USA), Borislav Strulev (USA) and others went with great success.

For the very short period large concert repertoire has been mastered by the young musicians, which includes quite a lot of very seldom played pieces of past and present times. Orchestra was the first performer of the row of compositions by famous Russian composers, bright and interesting arrangements. Along with that the repertoire of the chamber orchestra invariably include world-known masterpieces of musical art.

The orchestra has many prospective creative plans, many fresh and interesting ideas. One of the most important tasks is the acquaintance of the musical public with the most prospective interesting young performers, composers and conductors, building up the favorable conditions for preservation and development of native traditions of musical art by new generation of musicians in Russia.